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Outsized returns from Private Equity, Hedge Fund or a Direct Investment

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Alexander Alternative Capital GP, LLC offers outsized returns in all market environments through a limited selection of Private Equity, Hedge Fund & Direct Investment opportunities. Our alternative investment platform offers exposure to oil and gas development projects as well as long/short public equities within the energy, financial and technology sectors. We has partnered with a top companies offering a direct investment opportunity in the environmental cleanup, dredging and beach restoration space.

Oil & Gas

Alexander Alternative Capital GP is pursuing an energy development strategy whereby we look for deals that allow direct participation in drilling and development activities including those of top tier oil & gas operators.

Long/Short Equity

Alexander buys and sells listed US equities and equity options using a macro top-down view to identify growth drivers and risk factors that cause significant price fluctuations over a 3 month to multi-year cycle.

Experienced Team

Over 80 years of combined experience delivering out-sized asymmetrical returns. We have successfully invested in various market environments. Our team experience spans the energy, technology & financial sectors.

List of Cities that we service in the State of Florida

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