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Ramon Rodriguez, retired Chairman of Republic Services, Inc. takes helm as Chairman of the Board of Grand Central Automotive Partners

Grand Central Automotive Partners GP, an emerging rollup of auto dealerships nationwide, is pleased to announce that Ray Rodriguez, retired chairman of Republic Services Inc., has been elected Chairman of the Board of Grand Central.

Alexander Alternative Capital’s Michael Corcelli Featured on Cover of South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine

Michael Corcelli, founder of Alexander Alternative Capital, explains rapid growth of Florida hedge fund industry in March 2017 edition of South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine

Tips for Trump? Fed Vice Chair touts spending hike

As president-elect Donald Trump continues to wade through a list of Cabinet prospects, Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer urges steps to boost economic output.

Trump Takes White House, Investors Jumping Aboard

As president-elect Donald Trump continues to wade through a list of Cabinet prospects, Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer urges steps to boost economic output.

The FBI Giveth; the FBI Taketh Away

Markets rebound as FBI chief Jim Comey writes yet another letter to Congress, this time saying Hillary Clinton’s emails are not grounds for charges after all.

Market fright! Return of the Clinton Emails!

With nine days to go before the presidential election, traders appear frozen by new FBI look at Clinton emails.

Earnings, inflation data and the final round of Trump-Clinton weigh on markets

With three weeks to the presidential elections, traders are looking toward the CPI inflation data and a wide range of third quarter earnings reports from S&P companies.

Q4: Slowdown or Speedup? Jobs and manufacturing reports loom big this week

As markets head into fourth quarter, traders look toward jobs and manufacturing numbers as clues to pace of the economy.

Rocky week ahead as The Donald, Hillary tee off tonight

The markets are in for a rough ride as the presidential debate series opens and investors gird for a major rollout of economic data.

Fed: See You in December?

No interest rate hikes are anticipated at this week’s FOMC meeting after the appearance of softer than expected economic data. Some observers see more action by Bank of Japan.

A rate hike: This month for sure?

Alexander Sees Volatile Start for Equities in Second Quarter; Oil to Head South Again, Natural Gas Consumption Flat

Zika takes center stage in South Florida. Is there a fix from the drug companies?

There could be harmful, unintended consequences for Miami-Dade County’s multi-billion dollar tourism and real estate industries. But a number of companies are on the case.

Here we go again: Oil rebounding on output freeze rumors.

As bullish oil headlines flourish, prices may again be getting ahead of themselves.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! But keep a wary eye on Central Bank giveaways.

We need to keep a close eye on countries that announce fiscal stimulus and stay away from paying them to borrow our money.

Equity markets defy fundamentals in face of crummy bond yields

Fundamentals? Who needs them? Equities still lofty despite lagging economic indicators and reduced earnings expectations.

The U.S. equity boom: How long will it last?

Alexander Alternative Capital wonders how upsurge can continue when rest of world fails to do well.

Low interest rates, negative rates no prescription for long-term growth.

While we all cheer record market levels, investors should be wary of a major speed bump: negative rates.

Alexander Alternative bet right on Brexit

Markets failed to price in the strong probability that British voters would opt out of European Union.

Going, Going, "Bremain?"

Stocks surge worldwide as polls show British voters will vote narrowly to remain in the European Union

Big deal: Microsoft acquires LinkedIn

Markets absorb Microsoft-LinkedIn combo ahead of FOMC meeting.

Is Janet Yellen rewriting her rate script?

Investors will be looking to see whether Fed Chief Janet Yellen will stick to the old script about raising interest rates, or engage in some fine-tuning.

Summer Daze Or Summer Craze?

A trading week shortened by the Memorial Day holiday is packed with data releases that should offer guidance about where the economy is headed.

Fed dampens markets with talk of interest rate hike. Is there a work-around?

As Federal Reserve officials spook the markets with talk of another interest rate hike, what are the choices for investors?

Alexander Alternative Capital still thinks oil should be below $40 a barrel

“The price of crude got ahead of itself, says Alexander chief investment officer Michael Corcelli. “Now people are starting to get worried about demand.”

Canadian fires, Saudi Oil Minister Sacked, Slow Job Growth; U.S. job creation slowdown certain to give Fed pause on lifting rates

Just as oil prices showed signs of easing into the low-40s, wildfires in Canada, firing of Saudi oil minister prompt rally. Meanwhile, slowed U.S. job creation in April is bound to check Fed interest rate hike.

Sell in May? Despite good reasons, don’t give up on 2016 yet.

There are reasons to believe that despite a slew of earnings misses, gloom and doom will not consume the entire year.

Alexander sees Bears leaving sidelines as investors recoil over disappointing earnings reports

For equities investors, capitulation could be near as short traders cave in to the pain.

Failed Doha meeting sustains Alexander forecast: no freeze means lower oil prices.

The failure of 16 OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers to agree on a supply freeze will mean lower prices in the short- to intermediate term.

Oil Is on the Rebound, but for How Long? Alexander Believes

There is Still Time to Profit From a Decline in Back Gold

Alexander Sees Volatile Start for Equities in Second Quarter

Oil to Head South Again, Natural Gas Consumption Flat

Alexander Alternative Capital Unveils Contrarian Natural Gas Play in Texas

In an effort to position investors for a rebound in natural gas prices, Alexander Alternative Capital announced the launch today of an energy development strategy that will allow the firm to directly participate in natural gas drilling projects in Texas.

Alpha Hedge East 2016 to Feature Ash Williams as Keynote Speaker

Palm Beach Hedge Fund Event to Feature Ash Williams, Florida Pension Fund Executive, As Keynote Speaker

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